Your partner for better health care, 24/7/365.

  • Companies Employers

    For Companies & Employers

    We partner with organizations to provide better healthcare for your employees at significant savings and satisfaction rates vs. traditional models.

  • Health Clinic

    For Health Care Providers

    We provide 24/7/365 wraparound urgent care, ongoing chronic care management, and the right care path for patients under your medical home.

  • Digital health branded chat cropped

    Remedy Digital Health

    Patient-first healthcare through connected care experiences, from telehealth to house calls to long-term management – all in your network.

Five-star rated care for your employees and members.

  • Remedy Video Visits

    Video Visits

    Consult a medical professional by secure video in minutes with most required prescriptions sent to your pharmacy. Additional testing available.

  • Remedy House Calls

    Same-Day House Calls

    Receive treatment at home with a board-certified provider. Queue-based scheduling for optimal efficiency and convenience. Prescriptions sent directly to your pharmacy.

    (Certain markets only)

  • About House Calls

    At-Home Testing

    Following your video visit, we can send a trained medical technician to your home to perform testing for COVID-19, influenza, strep throat, UTI, STI, glucose, and more.

    (Certain markets only)

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"Best decision I could have made was setting up an appointment with these guys."

Maggie F.

"They took great care of me without the expense and wait time of an ER."

Sarah B.

"I think I've died and gone to doctor heaven. No wait rooms? No exposure to more germs? No strapping into a car seat with a sick kid? Check."

Laurie H.

"Remedy is WONDERFUL! They have excellent bedside manner for nervous kiddos and have helped save this mom's sanity a number of times."

Naya W.